How to Talk to Your Kids About Moving Out of North Carolina

Moving with kids is never easy, but the stress can amplify when you move out of North Carolina. Juggling day-to-day life with children is already demanding, and while adults may understand that the move has to happen, it can be overwhelming when your children learn their world will change, and there may be some upset.  … Continued

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How to Handle a Short Notice Move in Winston Salem, NC

Moving is stressful, there is no doubt about that. You have to find your new home, sell the current one, pack up all your belongings, say goodbye to everyone, etc. However, when you add the prospect of moving on short notice to Winston Salem, things get more complicated and stressful. If you don’t organize everything … Continued

How to Simplify the Home Selling Process in Winston Salem

Listing your home for sale is a process that is fraught with red-tape, not to mention time consuming and expensive. It can be overwhelming to sell your home on the market. There are so many decisions to make, and it’s difficult to understand the complicated contracts and legal forms, so it is comforting to work … Continued

A Breakdown of Fees for Homeowners Listing Their Homes in Winston Salem

There are far more expenses involved in listing a home in Winston Salem than most homeowners realize. Having realistic expectations about actual listing costs allows homeowners to properly prepare financially for the outlay of funds. Regrettably not every cost is apparent and all too often homeowners find themselves in a financial pinch because they didn’t … Continued

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Essential Steps to Determine a Home’s Value

When purchasing or selling a home for the sake of yourself and your family, one thing trumps others in importance. And that is the price of the property in question. You need to know the value of what you are buying and of what you are selling. However, how can you determine such a thing? … Continued

5 Tips for Buying a Winston Salem Investment Property Sight Unseen

In the ever-evolving digital world, remote work, school, and online car shopping are becoming commonplace. Even the process of buying real estate has been revolutionized, easing the process of purchasing property from long distances. So whether you are relocating to be near a new job or moving to be closer to family members or expanding … Continued

5 Insider Secrets to Help You Sell a Mobile Home in Winston Salem

Selling your home can be an overwhelming experience. However, mobile homes are a slightly different category and are a specialized sector of real estate. Therefore, it will be helpful for you to begin your journey into mobile home sales with some guidance. Read on to discover five insider secrets to help you sell a mobile … Continued